• Message from the Principal,

    In my opinion, education is not an act of acquiring knowledge alone but learning a skill to develop one’s personality and to lead quality life. This is an ennobling process of growth. I feel that good education emancipates the minds of people and makes them free in their thinking. This makes good citizens of the world. We in AWH Special College provide quality education in health science, pure sciences and social work. Our goal is to provide for all of you an academic experience that is demanding, rigorous, and of the highest quality- yet, one that is enjoyable and without compromising principles and values of education. The faculties of our various departments have the potential to change the way the modern universities think about disciplines, teaching and research, community engagement, and excellence and I am very excited by the opportunity to participate in this innovative approach to education, research and extension activities. The undergraduate program we provide in genetics is first of its kind in the state of Kerala. This program will open a new horizon not only in the study of the present disease management, but also in checking the onset of some of the diseases with genetic predisposition. I am happy that many of the physiotherapists, audiologists, speech pathologists, social workers and computer experts working in and out of India are qualified from this college.

    I wish and pray that all our students have a very bright future.

    Dr.P.K Abdul Kader