Goals And Objectives of our programmes

To foster student’s curiosity and inquisitiveness and to help them become self- directed learners.
To prepare students for a lifelong commitment to other persons, their communities and the country.
To provide students of the relevant programmes with the basic science and clinical knowledge required for the study and practice of physical therapy audiology and speech language pathology and to train them as efficient physical therapists, audiologists and speech pathologists.

To prepare graduates in genetics capable of serving in fields of pharmaceuticals, food security and white and blue revolutions and also to make them capable of addressing problems related to genetic diseases.

To qualify them for higher studies in genomics, proteomics and genetics itself and to help them become genetic counselors.

To provide students of geology with basic skills in the management of resources like energy ground and surface waters and management of land and environment hazards etc. and to generate man power in these fields.

To make them familiar with ever-changing computer technology and to prepare skilled persons in electronic industry.

To prepare post graduates for a career in social work.